Small classes limited to 8-12 pupils
Focused 9+ and 11+ syllabus
Expert knowledge of local schools

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Year 4 Tuition

TFS provides tuition in the two core subjects of Mathematics and English. These are covered through the following topics



The course will cover Comprehension, Reading Strategies and Language, enabling the child to read a text, follow the story line and recall information. They will in turn improve their word formation and pronunciation as well as expand their vocabulary.


The skills we teach here will enable your child to plan and construct text, using an array of vocabulary gained from their reading exercises. Writing will also help perfect their spelling, grammar and handwriting.


The course will further your childs understanding of both the numerical and geometrical aspects of mathematics. Your child will fast become acquainted with the theory to tackle the following topics:


  • Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication
  • Place Value
  • Odd and Even Numbers
  • Time and Money
  • Fractions
  • Comparing and Ordering Numbers
  • Rounding/ Estimating
  • Number sequences
  • Tables and data handling


  • Shapes: triangle, circle, quadrilaterals and polygons.
  • Angles and Directions
  • Measuring and Estimating Length
  • Symmetry and Reflection
Limited Places at TFS!
Based in Hampton, Middlesex.
Parking available
Laying the foundation from an early age