Small classes limited to 8-12 pupils
Focused 9+ and 11+ syllabus
Expert knowledge of local schools

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"For the past 3 years now, I have been attending tuition, taught by Dr. Vedi. I feel that her teaching methods are very good, as she simplifies a lot of the information down, while providing the key details making it much easier to understand."
Neel Marld (student)

"I have been tutored by Dr Vedi for four years, now. I feel that she has helped me immensely over these years. Before I started to be taught by Dr Vedi I was in the second of two math sets in my year. After twelve sessions with Dr Vedi I was moved from the bottom set to the top set. I never thought that I could achieve such a huge jump in twelve weeks, but with Dr Vedi help I managed to achieve this."
Leah Masih (student)

"As well as helping me in maths, Dr Vedi also helps me in biology, chemistry and physics. She helps me with anything that I find difficult in the three sciences. She uses the appropriate terminology for my age and ensures that she explains all the terminology and theory in detail, writing summary notes with me for revision."
Daniel Warren (student)

"My daughter Sarah was a student with Dr Vedi for 2 years and was accepted into one of the top grammar schools in the country (The Tiffin Girls School). I was extremely impressed with Dr Vedi professional approach to teaching Sarah making it both interesting and challenging for her. Although it was a tough 2 years for Sarah she was always enthusiastic to attend her sessions and I would recommend Dr Vedi to any parent looking to enrol their child into a top school."
Mrs McQueen (Parent)

Limited Places at TFS!
Based in Hampton, Middlesex.
Parking available
Laying the foundation from an early age